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Sharing is caring – or at least getting stuff done. pMD care coordination tools help with that. pMD Care Navigation™ gives care coordinators, nurse navigators, and social workers a way to share information and collaborate with specialists and external care teams in your medical community. With pMD Clinically Integrated Network™, you can access a coherent, unified view of the patient from disparate sources. It’s almost as good as being in the same room.

Yep, We Said Incentives

Get bonus money from CMS and payers by participating in an APM, such as BPCI Advanced, and payer-specific quality programs. Meet the program requirements, reduce your risk. We’ll do the heavy lifting.

Get Coordinated

At last! Now care coordinators, nurse navigators, and social workers get an exceptional organization and communication tool that will help them be more effective and maximize their time. And everyone will stay up-to-date on admissions, discharges, and ED visits with the community activity feed.

No More Waiting for Info

Our real-time interfaces work with all major electronic medical records and hospital information systems so you don’t have to wait. We’ll electronically gather and route all your necessary information -- patient demographics, appointments, emergency room encounters and hospital DRG data. It’ll all be there.

Here’s our big idea: You get more time to do the things you’re good at when using pMD care coordination tools. Meanwhile, we improve your compliance and take a load off the shoulders of your busy IT teams. With pMD Clinically Integrated Network™, we filter and deliver patient demographics, discharge summaries, and more, so everybody can view a complete, coherent picture of the patient’s health and collaborate to improve outcomes. Plus, things go better when you’re connected. Your care navigators can use pMD Care Navigation™ to curate and share a complete, coherent picture of the patient’s health and collaborate with all of the patient’s care providers to improve outcomes. Earn incentive money from CMS and payers by participating in an APM such as Oncology Care Model, Advance Payment ACO, ESCO, PCMH+, or BPCI Advanced bundled payment program. (And don’t worry: we’ll demystify those acronyms for you. You just focus on the cash back.) pMD Secure Messaging™ and pMD Clinical Communication™ are included with pMD Care Navigation™ and pMD Clinically Integrated Network™. Want to know more about the leading charge capture, secure messaging, , and care coordination tools? Not to brag, but we give good chat. Contact us here .


"pMD helps me to keep my patient navigation activity organized. Using the calendar in pMD to schedule follow-up patient calls and to check in on high-risk patients helps our team deliver better care. And having a shared calendar means if I'm away from the office for any reason that other Navigators can pick up where I left off."

Clark Avenue Connection

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Written by Dr. Todd Harris

by appointment only If you think your child may need to be seen this weekend, call 919-781-7490 in the morning after 9 am Saturday’s On-Call Pediatrician: Sunday’s On-Call Pediatrician: Urgent calls outside regular hours: 919-781-7490 After hours backup number: 919-831-5526 Poison Control: 1-800-222-1222

Wednesday Day: Happy 4th of July Edition

Written by Dr. Todd Harris

closed for regular business today limited clinic at the Duraleigh Office no walk-in appointments If you think your child may need to be seen, call 919-781-7490 If possible, call in the morning (best time is between 9am and 11am) 4th of July Holiday clinic begins at 10 am Wednesday’s 4th of July Holiday On Call Pediatrician:

Banner Change: Summer 2018 Edition

Written by Dr. Todd Harris

July 3, 2018 – Welcome to the banner change where, at Raleigh Children Adolescents Medicine (RCAM), we officially move past spring and welcome the summer. This is a little late but – c’mon man a legend retired 11 days ago cut us a little slack .

a legend retired 11 days ago

Therefore, without further ado, “Goodbye” to two girls in field of marigolds ‘ and “Hello” to adidas Duramo 7 Womens Running Shoes Orange d4GajR2nQ8

“Goodbye” to “Hello” to

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got up to 97º. Have you scheduled your child’s well visit / complete physical yet ?

Have you scheduled your child’s well visit / complete physical yet American Academy of Pediatrics Nike Womens DriFit Sport Performance Bikini Underwear 138276 Hot Punch/Thunder Blue EDCrY40Jkz
every child 3 years old and above should have a well visit / complete physical every year If your child might play sports will require them to have had a well visit / complete physical in the last year Call us and schedule a visit.

Be ready when you hear at the last minute that your child wants to try out for their school’s quidditch team. Instead,

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> Residency

The University of South Carolina is required by state law to determine the resident classification of all applicants interested in claiming South Carolina as their state of legal residence for the purpose of accurately assessing tuition and fees. Initial determinations are made by the Residency Officer for students at the time of their admission. The burden to provide documentation for any legal residency determination rests with the student. Students are required to provide all evidence necessary to document that they have completed the steps required to establish and/or maintain eligibility for claiming South Carolina as their state of legal residence. If a student moves to South Carolina for the purpose of attending school, and is enrolled as a non-resident, then he or she will be presumed to remain a non-resident throughout his or her attendance and does not qualify under any of the residency provisions.

SC State Scholarships

Once accepted, SC residents will be informed on how to submit their residency application. It is important that all SC residents, (for tuition purposes), submit their residency application as soon as possible. All SC residents will be listed as resident pending ; until they submit their application and proof of residency documents are received. State scholarships are determined by your residency, so please submit early, before you register for classes.

resident pending

For more information about the laws and regulations that govern the University of South Carolina's residency eligibility determinations, please visit the South Carolina Commission on Higher Education website , or the South Carolina Legislature website .

South Carolina Commission on Higher Education website South Carolina Legislature website

By state law, legal residency may not be acquired by an individual while they are residing in South Carolina for the primary purpose of attending the University of South Carolina.

For the purposes of determining a student's state of legal residence, students are typically categorized in one of two ways. Students are either financially Independent or financially Dependent . Note: these designated categories are specific to the state guidelines governing South Carolina's legal residency eligibility. This should not be confused with the federal guidelines governing financial aid eligibility.

Independent Dependent

If you are financially independent, your residency is based on whether you have physically resided, and been domiciled, in South Carolina for the twelve (12) continuous months immediately preceding the date classes are scheduled to begin for the semester in which you wish to claim South Carolina as your state of legal residence. You must also meet the following applicable requirements (Note: No single indicator will be considered conclusive evidence of primary residence):

These attempts at etiquette training also evade another reality: the decline of accepted standards for social behavior. In each of us lurks the possibility of a Jekyll-and-Hyde-like transformation, its trigger the imposition of some arbitrary rule. The problem is that, in the twenty-first century, with the breakdown of hierarchies and manners, all social rules are arbitrary. “I don’t think we have to worry about people being rude intentionally,” Whitmore told Wireless Week . “Most of us simply haven’t come to grips with the new responsibilities wireless technologies demand.” But this seems foolishly optimistic. A psychologist quoted in a story by UPI recently noted the “baffling sense of entitlement” demonstrated by citizens in the wireless world. “They don’t get sheepish when shushed,” he marveled. “You’re the rude one.” And contra Ms. Whitmore, there is intention at work in this behavior, even if it is not intentional rudeness. It is the intentional removal of oneself from the social situation in public space. This removal, as sociologists have long shown, is something more serious than a mere manners lapse. It amounts to a radical disengagement from the public sphere.

W e know that the reasons people give for owning cell phones are largely practical — convenience and safety. But the reason we answer them whenever they ring is a question better left to sociology and psychology. In works such as LOTUS Hugh Sandals Brown 11 UK yoHjLb
, Relations in Public , and Interaction Ritual , the great sociologist Erving Goffman mapped the myriad possibilities of human interaction in social space, and his observations take on a new relevance in our cell phone world. Crucial to Goffman’s analysis was the notion that in social situations where strangers must interact, “the individual is obliged to ‘come into play’ upon entering the situation and to stay ‘in play’ while in the situation.” Failure to demonstrate this presence sends a clear message to others of one’s hostility or disrespect for the social gathering. It effectively turns them into “non-persons.” Like the piqued lover who rebuffs her partner’s attempt to caress her, the person who removes himself from the social situation is sending a clear message to those around him: I don’t need you.

Behavior in Public Spaces Relations in Public Interaction Ritual

Although Goffman wrote in the era before cell phones, he might have judged their use as a “subordinate activity,” a way to pass the time such as reading or doodling that could and should be set aside when the dominant activity resumes. Within social space, we are allowed to perform a range of these secondary activities, but they must not impose upon the social group as a whole or require so much attention that they remove us from the social situation altogether. The opposite appears to be true today. The group is expected never to impinge upon — indeed, it is expected to tacitly endorse by enduring — the individual’s right to withdraw from social space by whatever means he or she chooses: cell phones, BlackBerrys, iPods, DVDs screened on laptop computers. These devices are all used as a means to refuse to be “in” the social space; they are technological cold shoulders that are worse than older forms of subordinate activity in that they impose visually and auditorily on others. Cell phones are not the only culprits here. A member of my family, traveling recently on the Amtrak train from New York, was shocked to realize that the man sitting in front of her was watching a pornographic movie on his laptop computer — a movie whose raunchy scenes were reflected in the train window and thus clearly visible to her. We have allowed what should be subordinate activities in social space to become dominant.